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Anamorphic Pro 1.7

Anamorphic Pro 1.7

Anamorphic Pro ($29.99, Mac App Store) →


Anamorphic turns your ordinary photos into cinematic masterpieces.
Edit iPhone Portrait Mode photos on your Mac!
Integration with the Mac Photos app makes it easy to edit your portrait shots.

– Bokeh Style
– Lens Distortion
– Focal Depth
– LUT Film Filters

Depth Data
Load and edit shots with depth data for a true depth of field.
Depth Data will give you the most realistic depth of field using the actual depth information from the scene.

Create beautiful photos with Anamorphic Pro!


  • Seller: James Grote
  • Size: 35.9 MB
  • Category: Photography
  • Languages: English
  • Age Rating: Rated 4+
  • Copyright: © 2018 BrainFeverMedia LLC
  • Price: $46.99

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