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CloudTV 3.9

CloudTV 3.9 | Mac OS X | 46 MB. 


CloudTV lets you watch over 400 live TV channels from around the world and download thousands of programs updating the UK and France, with smart playlists and compatibility with AirPlay.

Recovery programs
there nothing? Without worries! Transmits thousands of recovery programs of BBC channels (restricted to IP addresses in the UK access) or a selection of French TV channels, or download them forever, DRM free! You can even use them to create your ideal channels thanks to smart playlists with your own criteria.

Back to TV
Send live programs and recovery to your Apple TV via AirPlay (requires MacOS X 10.11).

Elegant, simple, impressive.
CloudTV has a very simple interface: just click and play! CloudTV does not require any supplement and as such, is fully compatible with VoiceOver.





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