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TinkerTool System 5.94

TinkerTool System 5.94 | Mac OS X | 31 MB. 

Designed to meet the needs of system administrators, as well as to satisfy the wishes of users and experts who want to get the most out of your Mac OS X system has reached the ideal complement to the popular TinkerTool: TinkerTool System.

TinkerTool System is not the pro version of TinkerTool but its ideal complement. The first was responsible for the aesthetic appearance of the system while it is fraught with utilities and system maintenance functions, which allow you to modify their behavior, verify their integrity and optimize their processes.

Among its many options include the ability to periodically run a maintenance scripts, reset the default parameters, optimize system performance, empty caches browsers, users, and system until the device drivers and kernel extensions. You can delete the copies of the system log files and files .DS_Store Finder information and resource fork.

It also has network utilities, enables Quartz Extreme for a wide variety of graphics cards, allows forcejear the diagnostic mode and secure boot and even reinstall the system. Finally, it has an interesting range of functions that allow repair services, customize the window opening session, check the integrity of files user preferences, and more. In short, a serious alternative has turned out to Cocktail.




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